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Ansonia Dial Popular Q&A

Q: Is this the way they should be, or should i look for the correct ...
A: James, I believe you have the Ansonia Regulator "A" model.  The original dial was paper.  I cannot tell whether your dial is original or not but many of these h... Read More »

Q: Do i adjust the pendelum,or the slow-fast dial on the front? Anso...
A: Hi John,     You can adjust either the pendulum nut or the small shaft on the dial. You turn the shaft toward "fast" to make the clock run faster.     The dial ... Read More »

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The Clocksmiths Clock Dials and Bezels Page
Ansonia Dial. Item #8747. Ingraham Dial Pan. Item #8714. Ingraham Dial Pan. Nice Original Waterbury Dial Pan. Approx 6 1/4" wide. Winding holes approx 2 ...

Clock parts Ansonia Gilbert
Ansonia Dial and Bezel Complete with Glass Center to center winding holes 2 3/4" Center to center from winding holes to center holes 1 9/16" Width 6 3/8" ...

Paper Dials - Ronell Clock Company
Paper Dials. ... 5" White Roman Trademark Paper Dial - Closeout · 5" White Roman Trademark ... Ansonia Trademark Paper Dials - 4-1/2" - 7". Antique Ivory.

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